“If you have Hope, everything is possible.”

“If you have Hope, everything is possible.”

Hello, I’m Marianne Hope, owner of Picturelyspoken. I specialize in photographing families in a natural way – also called lifestyle photography. 

Through my lens I see love and connections, I see beautiful people and I see special moments that deserve to be captured, enjoyed and remembered. My goal is to capture YOUR unique story and create beautiful art in the best possible quality – imagery that you will want to showcase, touch and enjoy in your home every day – art that will make you smile and feel happy every time you see it.

I have many years of experience and I work fast! This is imperative when working with children (and husbands). I easily connect with my clients (all ages;)) and give them a fun and easy-going shooting experience. 

Originally from Norway, I currently live and work in the “ ‘t Gooi” area in The Netherlands (close to Amsterdam, Utrecht, Hilversum, and Almere). I live an active, sometimes confusing, but never boring, multi-lingual life with my German king, two handsome pirates and a cute princess.

When I’m not photographing or at my desk working, you’ll either find me doing Yoga/Pilates/Zumba at the gym or in my kitchen, cooking up a storm of healthy meals for my family. Ok, I admit it’s not always healthy, I love baking all sorts of unhealthy sugary cookies and cakes too:) If you do a session with me, you might get a taste of my favorite cookies at the sales consultation.

If you want to get in touch, please contact me in your preferred language, either Dutch, Norwegian (Swedish and Danish are fine too:)), German or English. Feel free to send me an email or call or Whatsapp me on +31629080634.

I specialize in portraying people using open spaces and natural light and my goal is to achieve a free and natural setting where my subjects feel comfortable and familiar. There will be direction and guidance from me, but my main goal will be to capture YOUR story as it happens. More often than not, you will hear me telling you to NOT look at me, but rather to connect with your family members and forget all about me.

I want to see the real you, your personality and your natural style. I want to capture your smiles, your laughter, your interactions and your love for each other. In return, you will receive a visual treasure to keep, share and enjoy – something to pass on to the generations to come.

In case you were wondering; you will also be able to get the “grandma shots” where everyone is posed and looking at the camera if this is something you want. Just make sure to let me know beforehand.

A family/lifestyle shoot can be done anywhere as long as there is enough natural light;

  • in your home
  • in the woods or on a field
  • on the beach
  • in a city

If you’re undecided about what you like/prefer, please check my portfolio for some ideas and examples.

I advise all my clients to order tangible (printed) products. When ordering printed product packages, you will get the digital images for free. Digital images are not archival, so having them on print is in fact imperative. Your valuable memories should be seen, enjoyed, felt and touched. I offer a wide range of top quality and unique products that will present and showcase your images in the best possible way.

  • I’m experienced and skilled
  • I love my job and I love people
  • I have a talent for spotting and capturing the special moments/connections
  • I connect easily with people of all ages
  • My personality is fun and easy-going and a little bit crazy (I blame my Viking heritage). I will lay on the ground to get the shot I want (or to get a genuine smile from my subjects)
  • I work fast, which is imperative when working with kids (and husbands)
  • I will direct and guide you during the session, but the images will look natural and unstaged
  • I’m a perfectionist, so you will only get top quality images. I will even re-do the session if you are not satisfied with the images.
  • I offer a range of custom made and unique products like photo albums (designed by me) and wall art that will really stand out and impress.
  • I have tools and skills to help design your wall(s), something that will save you lots of time and hair-tearing (frustration;)) while figuring out sizes and layouts.
  • As a client, you will get your own personal page (client portal) where you can find all the documents, galleries, information, and links connected to your session(s). This page will not expire.

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