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Hello, I’m Marianne Hope, owner of Picturelyspoken. I specialize in capturing authentic and meaningful moments that make people happy and confident.

Your moments of happiness deserve to be captured and preserved in a way that you can enjoy them for years and years.

I have many years of experience and I work fast! This is imperative when working with children (and husbands). I easily connect with my clients (all ages;)) and give them a fun and easy-going shooting experience.

Originally from Norway, I currently live and work in Blaricum in “‘t Gooi” area in The Netherlands (close to Amsterdam, Utrecht, Hilversum, and Almere). I live an active, sometimes confusing, but never boring, multi-lingual life with my german husband and three teenagers.

If you want to get in touch, please contact me in your preferred language, either Dutch, Norwegian (Swedish and Danish are fine too:)), German or English.

I would love to get to know you and tell YOUR story.

Me & my family

I specialize in portraying people using open spaces and natural light and my goal is to achieve a free and natural setting where my subjects feel comfortable and familiar. There will be direction and guidance from me, but my main goal will be to capture YOUR STORY as it happens.

I offer a customized and high-end service and you’ll never have to worry about time pressure during your session. Every session is optimized for YOU. My goal is to give every client a unique, easy going and fun experience. You show up to the session, I take care of the rest.

Momentarily, I’m offering the following types of sessions:


I edit all the images that I show to my clients. Depending on the type of session, this can be from 50 to 100’s of images. The retouching gives the images a beatiful glow that signifies my signature style. I edit the images asap after the session, normally within 14 days.

Please note that I’m a full service photographer and a lot of time and effort goes into each client/session. My business model is based on giving you a top service, making it as easy and time effective for you as possible. And my goal is for you to end up with beautiful, high-quality and customized printed products. You will receive digital images with the products you order, but if you are out to get digital images at a low price aiming to order products elsewhere, I’m not your photographer.


A 15 min pre-session consultation. Normally done per phone.


You will get a photo session with enough time to capture your story.


My guidance and expertise; you simply show up to your session, I take care of the rest.


A free ordering session for ordering printed products after the session (either in person or per skype/phone). Choose from a wide range of custom made and unique products like photo albums and wall art that will stand out and impress.


You get access to a private online client portal where you will find all the documents, galleries,  and links connected to your session(s). You’ll be able to fill in and sign all forms online.


A beautiful slideshow to enjoy and share with family and friends. It will be personally designed for you.


Online access to a collection of images from your session. All images (minimum 50 images) retouched with my signature style.


  • I will reschedule your session in case of bad weather, sickness or other significant un-changeable hindrances
  • I do everything to get the best shots; lay on the ground, climb a tree, jump traffic - whatever it takes.
  • I work fast, which is imperative when working with kids (and husbands:))
  • I will direct and guide you during the session, however, the images will look natural and unstaged
  • I'm a perfectionist, meaning you will only get top quality images.
  • I will re-do the session if you are not satisfied with the images.
Marianne Hope Picturelyspoken about my why
Marianne Hope Picturelyspoken about my why