rijksmuseum Amsterdam instagrammers emptyrijks

An empty Rijksmuseum, a unique, exclusive and once in a lifetime experience

This week I was one of 20 lucky Instagram influencers invited to shoot in an empty Rijksmuseum. It was an amazing experience and something I will keep in my memory treasure box for as long as I live. Opportunities like these don’t come along every day. Similar events have been organized in New York City and London before and it was these that gave instagramer Eelco Roos the idea to initiate an #EmptyRijks. Pictured above is Dirk Bakker who was enjoying a quiet moment.

It was nice to see that there was a lot of interest from the press for this event, we even ended up on national TV, RTL boulevard! You can find the articles here.

Below are some of my favorite pictures from the visit, a mixture of both iPhone and DSLR pictures. The lighting conditions weren’t exactly ideal, no flash was allowed, but the phone did a great job (most of the square pictures are iPhone).

The Library

The Rijksmuseum Research Library was established in 1885 and is the largest public art history research library in the Netherlands. There are 5,4 km of books spread over 4 floor levels. We were allowed into an upstairs area that is normally closed to the public. The guards were watching us closely and only 5 of us could enter the area at the same time. Even with so few people present, the library seemed crowded and busy. I would have loved to have more time in there all on my own:)

Rijksmuseum library at the emptyrijks instagram meet
books library rijksmuseum Amsterdam instagrammers emptyrijks
Rijksmuseum library at the emptyrijks instagram meet
instagrammer meet Empty Rijksmuseum Amsterdam EmptyRijks library
books library rijksmuseum Amsterdam instagrammers emptyrijks
books library rijksmuseum Amsterdam instagrammers emptyrijks

The missing picture

This collection of portraits caught my eye, simply because there was an empty space. It prompted me to inquire about the story behind the missing portrait. Was it stolen? Being restored? Never painted? Maybe it was just to annoy my perfectionistic eye? The in-house art historian and expert Femke Diercks (who knew ALL the little things and details of all the questions we asked) told me the story about the collection originating from Turkey and that the Museum was able to find/acquire all portraits except one. The 31 portraits now hang in the exact order as they were hung originally and the missing picture is probably well hidden in someone’s attic or garage or forever lost/ruined. Fun fact: the story about the missing image including my picture was picked up by a journalist and included in his article about this meet. Read about it here .

rijksmuseum amsterdam art instameet emptyrijks

Instagrammers in action

Below is a collection of pictures from the event, typical instagram moments and favorite impressions. Present at the event were:

Claire Droppert (@claireonline), Kitty de Jong (@panyrek), Sanne Farmerten (@sanneb10), Herbert Schröer (@herbertschroer), Frank Schröer (@frankisch), Joyce de Lange (@onahazymorning), Andres de Lange (@andresdelange), Fredrik Vieten (@fredvtn), Iris van Steenkiste (@irusj), Joost Bastmeijer (@joostbastmeijer), Phil Yisrael (@pdy), Margot (Mae) van der Krogt (@maevdkrogt), Sander Fennema (@sfennema), Marion Aan t’Goor (@mariafranciska), Jeroen Verhulst (@jeroenv), Jaap Erkelens (@jaaperkelens), Bob, Willem and Bastiaan Sizoo (@sizoobrothers), Eelco Roos (@croyable), Dirk Bakker (@macenzo), Seth Carnill (@sethcarnill), Brian Sweet (@briansweet) and myself (@mariannehope).

Thank you to all involved for making this such a great and unforgettable experience!