Naardermeer nature boat trip

Last Saturday I was invited by Holland de Film and Natuurmonumenten to experience Naardermeer and some pure Dutch nature together with a group of Instagrammers. Holland de Film, which is a project by EMS films, is about to release their second film in the trilogy “Holland – natuur in de delta”. The first film, “Het Nieuwe Wildernis“, was an amaaaaazing film about a wildlife area in Flevoland called Oostvaardersplassen. The previews from the second film show that it’s going to be an amazing film, showing The Netherlands and its nature like you’ve never seen it before. Just take a look at this trailer (or click on the picture above), it’s giving me goosebumps every time I watch it. How beautiful is our Mother earth? And just imagine the work and passion behind capturing those beautiful scenes on film.

I feel humble and lucky to be invited to this trip being able to visit places that are hard to come by normally. Our enthusiastic guide/captain, telling us about the things we saw and found on our trip made it all the more interesting. We saw amazing sceneries, we saw the most poisonous plant in Europe (!) we saw wild mint (water mint), we had rain and we had sun, but for me personally, the most special experience was to see a Kingfisher fly in front of the boat. He was too fast for me to capture on film, but I’ll never forget his amazing blue color.

The pictures below are my favorite ones out of the many I took on the day, I hope you appreciate them as much as I appreciated the trip.

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