How to write a review

First of all, thank you for being an awesome client and taking the time to write a review. Your opinion matters and your experience will help others know what to expect from hiring me and help me grow and continue with my business.

If you need inspiration or a starting point, you can see some tips and samples below.

Google review

A Google review will help me improve my reach on the internet and potential clients will find my website more easily. Please note; you need a gmail/google account to leave a Google review.

Click below to go directly to the review page. Feel free to write in your preferred language and if you are proud of your images and would like to showcase your favorites from the shoot, you can easily upload them into the review.


Review per email

If you don’t have a gmail or simply prefer to send me an email with your review/text that’s very welcome as well.

Please let me know if I should mention your full name or your first name only and if I should mention your company with a link. If you want me to link to your website, please provide the URL.


Need some help?

Writing a review can be hard, daunting, and overwhelming. Personally, I find it helps to have a starting point and some inspiration from others. Below are some tips of possible things to include in the review as well as some testimonials written by other clients. If you need more inspiration, you can see more reviews on my home page.

Starting points

- What type of photo session did you do?
- When and where?
- How many were you?
- What did you think of the experience?
- How did I do as a photographer?
- How do you like the results?
- How did the images make you feel?
- Why did you hire me?
- Did anything about the whole experience stand out to you?
- Would you do it again?

Sample 1

(Lifestyle family session)

"We did a photo shoot last summer with the whole family. And we enjoyed it very much. It's a challenge to photograph nine people as they are and yet together.

Marianne listened carefully to our wishes. She is accessible and is committed to the perfect end product. As a photographer she is professional, she has patience, good ideas and humor. It is really a party to do a photo shoot with her. Thank you, Marianne !! ”

Sample 2

(Personal Branding fotoshoot)

"Marianne Hope is a very good and professional photographer who knows exactly what she is doing.

She did a fantastic job with my portrait session. She puts you at ease, she's fun and approachable, and easy to work with.

I can highly recommend her if you want images that are unique, natural, and creative. It doesn't matter if you're looking for portrait photos of yourself, personal branding images for your website, or family pictures - Picturelyspoken is the one to use!!!"