Invest in your future with a mentor session

Are you at a point where you want to take your photography hobby/business to the next level? Maybe go from being a hobby photographer to a professional one? Whether it’s technical, creative or business related knowledge, I can help you.

What I would have given to have the opportunity of a mentor session back when I started. It would have saved me so much time, effort and money.

Through 10 years of practice, I have made enough mistakes and I have learned from them. I have spent hours and hours and heaps of money on workshops and training, learning how to edit, how to pose and direct my subjects, how to read and work the light, how to work time effectively, how to price myself, etc, etc. It has been an interesting journey, but also a long and costly one. I’m now at a point where I feel that my experiences can help others save time and effort and avoid making the same mistakes. My mentor session is a shortcut to attaining skills and knowledge that took me years of practice and studying to achieve – and you can do it in one day.

Personal teaching

My mentor sessions are open to anyone, anywhere, anytime and are 100% customized to YOUR needs.

My in-person One-on-One sessions will take place in ‘t Gooi area in The Netherlands and will teach you ALL you need to know about taking your photography to the next level including practical training with real models.

If you’re not based in The Netherlands, you still have the option of online learning via Skype or FaceTime where YOU decide what YOU want to learn. I will answer all your questions as long as they are within my field of expertise and you can also ask me to critique your work and website.

What you will learn

Being a photographer is not only about having an “eye” and knowing the technical functions of your camera, although that does bring you a long way. A photographer needs to know how to communicate and direct people, how to place and pose them, how to get real emotions and interactions. Photography is about reading the light, how to find the best light and surroundings. And having a photography business is about knowing your worth and not undersell yourself. It’s about finding and using the right tools to save you time – enabling you to have a time effective and client friendly workflow.

Some examples of what you can learn about:

  • DSLR or mobile photography
  •  practical shooting (posing and directing real models)
  • specific themes (travel, lifestyle, portraits etc.)
  • how to work with natural light
  • editing (LR, PS, mobile)
  • tools, pricing, workflow, etc.

Read all about my mentor session options and prices on my Mentor session service page. Feel free to drop me an email if you have any questions.