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A glass of Norwegian gløgg, mulled wine after an old recipe served in a glass with sugar rim and decoration - on a wooden table

“Julegløgg” or sweet mulled wine

This mulled wine is an old Norwegian recipe. It is easy to make and so sweet and delicious, it will be a certain hit with both you and your guests. I’m never left with leftovers, regardless of how many liters I make, so be prepared and make enough! The chopped almonds and raisins are meant to add some chewiness to the wine, but I’d leave it up to the guest to decide whether they want it or not. I serve it on the side as an extra option.

You can see the necessary ingredients on the picture above.


  1. add sugar, spices (cloves & cinnamon sticks) and water to a large saucepan and boil until the sugar is dissolved
  2. add wine and heat, but do not boil as the alcohol will dissolve
  3. add lemon juice to taste

(if you want a less sweet wine, add less sugar or more wine)

You can make the sugar & spice base hours ahead or even the day before you plan to serve the mulled wine. This will make the tastes blend more and you’ll get the most out of the spices. I normally add the wine an hour ahead to have it take up all the tastes too, but leave it cold or on very low heat until shortly before it’s served.

Add some slices of orange for some extra taste and decoration and have the guests add chopped almonds and/or raisins to their wine to their own taste.

Good luck! Please let me know how you like the wine if you try this recipe.

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A sugar rimmed glass of Norwegian Gløgg - mulled wine

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