New travel series: My Amsterdam

Happy King’s day (formerly Queen’s day)! Today is the celebration of the King’s birthday, the biggest street party of the year. It is celebrated throughout the Netherlands in every village and city, by locals and visitors alike. Luckily and amazingly the sun is shining today, good weather makes the day even more fun.

This day of celebration seemed like a good day to start my new travel series about Amsterdam, aiming to inform, inspire and sharing some of my best tips on what to see, capture and visit in this beautiful city. Unfortunatel, I have never been to Amsterdam during Queen’s or King’s day (it’s craaaaaazy busy, and not the best for taking inspiring pictures anyhow). Instead, I will show you something very typical Amsterdam; the Flower market.

Between tourists and kitsch

The Flower market in Amsterdam is a very touristic point of interest and surely no secret gem, but it’s just one of those places everyone should have seen at least one time in their lives, if only so you can say that you’ve been there. The market is easy to find and access, it’s open every day and it’s placed in the heart of the city. No need to spend hours there, but a drop by can be rewarded with some fun captures and maybe some cheap tulips or bulbs. Personally, I love the houses surrounding the market as well as the little visual treasures you’ll find if you look beyond the touristy stuff. And to be fair, I’ll be the first to admit that I found some inspiration amongst the touristy kitschy flower booths too:)

Beauty all around

Below is a view of the flower markets rear side. And, as you can see, it’s hard to take pictures of Amsterdam without bikes in them…

Bulb galore

You’ll not only find tulips and fresh flowers at the flower market, but bulbs and seeds that would cover most people needs.

Restaurant tip – Calf & Bloom

If you’re visiting the market around lunch time, I can recommend having a carpaccio salad and a fresh mint tea at the Calf & Bloom. The Café is located just inside the Kalvertoren shopping center on the opposite side of the canal). They offer good food and friendly service in a light and hip setting. I loved the design of their menu as well:) From the café, you have a wonderful view of the flower markets rear side on the other side of  Singelgracht and the historic and typical Dutch architecture behind it. If you’re lucky and the weather is nice and warm, you can enjoy your food/drink outside on the terrace with that same view. The picture of the yellow bike (at the very top) is taken just outside the Café.


And finally some colorful kitschy flower market details, all snapped with my iPhone. I hope you take the time to visit the market next time you visit, even if it’s just a pass through.

Stay tuned for more Amsterdam tips next week. Let me know if you have specific interests or suggestions for places to visit. Have a great King’s day!