This was a beautiful Lifestyle family home session with a newborn and an energic and fun older sibling. The family lived in a beautifully decorated house from the ’30s – every photographer’s dream. They wanted a collection of images to capture their story and their love – their everyday life as a new family of four.

Their chosen word to describe their family was “Lovingly” (liefdevol in Dutch) and that is exactly what I captured; their love.

For every Lifestyle session I create a beautiful slideshow, please see it here. and make sure you have the sound on;)

To prepare for a lifestyle session, I send the clients a list of questions, aiming to get to know them better; what sort of things they like, what they do together as a family, what everyone’s character is like, etc. I also ask them to describe their family with ONE word. Then, a day or two before the shoot we talk things through on the phone.

This helps me go into the session, feeling like I know them already and they don’t feel too overwhelmed by having a stranger in their home. I’m just a friend visiting;)

You can also read more about this session and family on my blog.