A session with mom in the spotlight.

How often do we take pictures of our kids and leave ourselves out of them? Whatever reason, we adults – especially moms – come up with to not be in the pictures (we have enough excuses to fill a book), we should think about which pictures our kids will value 10, 15 or 20 years from now. Believe me, that lovely picture where mom (and/or dad) is interacting with her kids will be the picture they value the most down the line, and they will not think about that extra kilo you put on or that wrinkle on your face, whether you look tired or anything else you might worry about, they will only see the love. Don’t ever forget the value of an image of your dearest ones, showing genuine love for each other and don’t ignore how important it is to include EVERYONE in them!

If you have worries about certain things like extra baby weight, bags under your eyes or whatever you might feel uncomfortable about and don’t want to show on camera, a professional photographer will know ways of including you in the images that can hide whatever it is you want to hide. Think; a close up of holding hands, a child who is hugging moms or dads legs, children in focus and mom & dad included, but out of focus. There are SO many ways to make you look great, so NO excuses for not being in the images with your kids – none!