industrial look model session in Krachtcentrale in Huizen with beautiful brunette young girl

Some time ago I had a unique opportunity to photograph inside the “Krachtcentrale Huizen” (an old power station in a place called Huizen) and I decided to ask my husband’s gorgeous godchild Luisa to do some powerful modeling for me (pun intended).

The property has been purchased by Peter Kos and Pieter Hogenbirk, two local artists with a lot of love for the unique and historical building. They have a fantastic vision for the renovation, planning to build a center for creative projects, such as a new restaurant & cafe, ateliers for artists, offices and meeting rooms, music practicing and more. Before the renovations started, they invited local photographers for a last photoshoot of the place before it transforms into the new “Powerhouse” and I didn’t waste any time in accepting the invitation:)

The light and the fascinating surroundings were amazing and resulted in SO many beautiful portraits and compositions. It was a dream to shoot and a dream to work with Luisa who is welcome to model for me any time. These are just a FEW of my favorite photos from the shoot.

I can’t wait to see the finished architectural project and hope to have the opportunity to shoot that as well. I hope you like this powerful modeling session as much as we did.