Pre-session checklist

I think we’ve all had some “if only I had…..” moments after seeing pictures of ourselves. I assure you I’ve had MANY of them. As I believe some of them can be avoided by being properly prepared, I’ve made this generic checklist of things to consider and maybe correct or improve beforehand. It’s a generic list, so just ignore the points that do not apply to you or your situation.

  1. Avoid dry lips. I advise anyone (men and women) to please bring and use a lip balm (or lipstick if you prefer that) right before the shoot.
  2. For girls/women; If you use makeup, use about 10% more than what you normally would. Cameras can accentuate wrinkles, affect skin tone, and magnify skin flaws like scars and acne. Makeup is used to bring out your natural features and cover up any blemishes.
  3. Brush your teeth and make sure there are no bits in between that will annoy you later.
  4. Check your, and especially your kids’ faces and remove dust, dirt or lose particles. If you have small kids, bring enough paper towels to use throughout the session.
  5. Check your nails. Are they clean? If you wear nail polish, is it (still) nice looking?
  6. Are your hands clean? This is especially relevant for kids;) If you have dry hands, consider using a hand lotion before the session.
  7. Check your hair and hairstyle and make sure there are no bits or dust particles showing. This happens more often than you might think:)
  8. No mobile phones in your pockets, if you please!
  9. Decide whether you want to wear glasses. They might catch light reflections and hide your eyes.

10. Check your clothes:

  • Remove dust and dirt
  • Adjust so they sit and fit correctly
  • Check for sweat stains (choose colors that don’t show easily if this is an issue for you)
  • Don’t wear too little or too many clothes – think of the temperature/season
  • In winter, hats, scarfs, and mittens can be a fun way to add some colors, but make sure they look nice on you
  • Make sure shoes are nice and clean looking
  • In summer, and if wearing sandals, make sure feet are clean and nail polish fresh and nice looking
  • If you are wondering what to wear, I advise you to read through this blog post. You can also look on Pinterest for inspiration for clothing/styling, just remember to stay true to yourselves.

For in-home sessions, there are a few extra things to consider:

My goal during the session is to tell YOUR story as you are today and capture a bit of your history. Think about which things or clothes or activities you will look back at over 5 or 10 years from now and will cherish the most.

  1. Clean and de-clutter your home of any things you don’t want to see on your pictures.
  2. Consider which rooms you would like to take pictures in and focus on getting these nice looking. Rooms most typically used for family sessions are; parents bedroom, kids’ room(s), living room, kitchen, hallway(s). Sometimes the bathroom – for when you want to document bathtime or bedtime.
  3. If you want pictures taken in your garden, some de-cluttering here can be good too.
  4. If you have a newborn, normally you have received wish cards and presents. If you have a nice way of displaying these and would like them documented, think about this beforehand. These are nice images to have for later and they are a part of your story.
  5. Do your kids have any favorite books or items, that you would like to include? Make sure you have them at the ready.
  6. Some flowers on the table can make a big difference in creating a nice atmosphere.
  7. If you consider purchasing images for your walls, I can take pictures of these walls when I’m in your house and use them for the wall design (showcasing you the images on the wall before purchasing and printing them). If this space is free of clutter and things that are not permanent, my base images will be better, so please consider this before my arrival at your session.