zusterliefde in een zussen fotosessie buiten in de Nederlandse natuur


[sis-ter] noun

A person who’s been where you’ve been; someone you can call when things aren’t going right; is more than just family; a sister is a forever best friend.

This sister photoshoot was such fun to do! I love surprises – both for myself and for others. The secrecy, the conspiracy, and knowing that the other person knows nothing at all and will be so happy about it – it’s just magical and super fun! That is why I am immediately enthusiastic and a natural conspirator when someone approaches me with the idea of ​​surprising someone.

So when Olga came to me with the idea of surprising her husband on his birthday, I was immediately inspired and enthusiastic. Her wish; a large photo print of their daughters for their living room wall. And so we arranged an outdoor Lifestyle Sister photoshoot. The goal was to create a free and natural setting where they could just be themselves and have some fun together.

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This Sister photoshoot project was such fun to do and we even had a bit of excitement; firstly we had to figure out a time in the evening where the husband was not at home (not very easy in these corona times). Secondly, the weather had to be nice, preferably sunny. After a few days of rain, we were lucky and the rain stopped just before the planned photoshoot. And even better, the man didn’t notice anything was up.

The resulting images were great (there’s really no wonder with such gorgeous girls) and we had plenty of photos to choose from. In the end, they chose this nice photo for the wall (see photo at the bottom of the photo gallery).

After weeks of secrecy and discrete whatsapps, we managed to completely surprise the birthday boy with a super beautiful 80×80 cm wood print for above the dining table. “High five!” to a successful mission.

This was a very nice project with a great result. If you want to see more pictures from the Sister photoshoot, have a look below. You can see the end result of the large photo print on the wall at the very end:

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