On a break

My vintage outdoor kitchen is having a winter break. If you are following me on my Instagram, especially my lifestyle account @mariannelifestyle, you’ve seen and heard about this kitchen before and you probably know how much I love it. And if you haven’t seen or heard about it before, here’s some background information about the project.

It’s designed by me and built by my husband (who is not a builder btw, but a general manager who wears a suit to work and sits behind his computer most of his days:)). He never did anything like this before, which makes it that more of an achievement. Basically, this is how it went; I told him what I wanted and how I wanted it to look, and he figured out the how. I’m so impressed with him and the result, every little thing – even the copper crane – was handmade and mounted by him.

  • The frame of the kitchen is built of bricks, plastered and painted white.
  • The countertop is made of 60×60 cm concrete tiles, normally meant for outdoor patio floors, very heavy stuff:)
  • The woodwork is recycled, old scaffold planks (Steigerhout in Dutch), gray and distressed from all the prior use.
  • The concrete sink was bought from a company who custom- and hand makes all kinds of concrete products. We were lucky and found a showroom item and got it at a discounted price.
  • The crane is simply a copper pipe which my husband bent himself and made into a very cool and unique water tap.

This is where we cook and barbeque in the warm seasons. There is something incredibly liberating about cooking outdoors, and I miss it through the colder months (October through March). I’m already counting the days until I can start cleaning it and getting it ready for use again. If you have any questions at all about the outdoor kitchen, please as away:)