I offer a wide spectrum of workshops, both mobile and traditional photography, smaller and larger groups as well as one-on-one sessions. Prices depends on location, number of participants and duration of workshop.

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See pictures from my last workshop here.

mentor. session. (online teaching)

A mentoring session is held online via Skype or FaceTime, it’s a one-on-one conversation and the participant decides what he or she wants to learn. You can book

  • mobile photography
  • dslr
  • Instagram optimization
  • specific themes (travel, lifestyle, portraits etc.)

These sessions are hourly based.

Price: € 200,- per hour (excl. VAT)

When you book, let me know what kind of theme you would like to learn about. As soon as a session is booked, I will ask you to commit a list of questions you want me to answer. That way we are both prepared and you will get the max out of our time together.

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mobile. photography.

Learn how to notice the world around you in a new way and capture it with the best camera of all; the one with you!

Learn about seeing and noticing motives (places, people, architecture, details etc.), how to compose, how to be creative, how to find your own style and of course I’ll be demonstrating some of my favorite and most practical photo editing apps.

The workshops are suited for all, beginners as well as more advanced (mobile) photographers. Many of the things I will be talking about will apply to photography in general.

Prices start at € 60,-

dslr. photography.

Depending on size of group and knowledge level of participants, I will teach the technical and practical basics of shooting with a DSLR. With smaller groups the workshop will be practical and hands on, following the principle “learning by doing”.

I offer both beginner and advanced level workshops.

Prices start at € 100,-


I also offer workshops and presentations for individual needs.

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general. info.

For the smaller groups (8-10 participants) the workshops can be both

  • theoretical (presentation and app demonstration) and
  • practical (going outside and shoot with my guidance)

while for the larger groups, the workshop will have to be set up as a presentation and demonstration of apps on a larger screen.

Prices depends on location, number of participants and duration of workshop.

See pictures from my last workshop here:

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