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…and why it’s been the best investment I ever made.

First, let me explain what a CRM system is. CRM stands for Client relationship management and it’s designed to organize, streamline, and automate your customer workflow. Think about important parts of your business like contracts, questionnaires, invoices, orders, proposals, client communications, and more. These will all be handled and hosted within the CRM system. 

For me as a photographer, using a CRM system (I have used Sprout Studio since 2018) has been a game-changer from day one, and here’s why:

1. It changed my business from being a mainstream photography business with an ad-hoc client workflow to one that is organized and professional. I now feel more confident and in control of my business.

2. Using Sprout Studio has saved me SO much time. It has pushed me to create routines and templates that save me time every day. I have templates in place for every step of every type of photoshoot. I have contracts, model releases, print releases, pre-written emails, gallery templates, questionnaires, price lists +++ all ready to go as soon as I need them.

3. My clients have a streamlined and comprehensible process that is easy for them to follow. Each client has access to their own private client portal where all their documents, invoices, galleries, links are stored. My clients now have a better understanding of my pricing structure and they more easily accept my prices as they are. I feel that there is a much higher trust factor.

See a sneak peek of a client portal below OR get the full experience of how it looks and works by logging in to a sample client portal:

Go to this page: https://picturelyspoken.sproutstudio.com/
Username: janedoe
Password: 123456

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  1. Using a CRM system has improved my client communication. Good communication is key for any service-based business. For me Sprout Studio has helped me:

    • Get better results (because I know exactly what my client wants)

    • Prevent unnecessary frustrations (because of pre-photoshoot communications making sure they know what to expect)

    • Get happy customers (because they feel well-informed and taken care of)

  2. Automations and reminders. I’m sure you’ve experienced that some clients don’t always act on the instructions given to them per email? Like paying their invoices? Or choosing their favorite images on time? More often than not, this is because they are busy and simply forget. It’s a practical and helpful solution to automatically send out friendly reminders to clients whenever they fail to complete a necessary action step. And, take it from me, the reminders work. Within Sprout Studio I can program “Sprout Assistant” to send out reminders if a client failed to respond within a set number of days after the first email has been sent. Luckily, most of my clients don’t need more than one reminder before taking action.

6. Legit online contract signing. I LOVE online contract signing. It used to be a pain to get a contract signed – both for me and my clients. Now I just pick a contract template, personalize it as needed and send it off for digital signing. The moment the client has signed it, I am notified and the booking process can continue. The whole process takes minutes. A nice plus is that Sprout Studio provides a whole library of pre-written contracts to get you started.

7. Sprout studio makes me work smarter, instead of harder. By investing money in a good system I have freed up time that I can spend on activities that increase my revenue. Basically: I spend money to earn MORE money. It’s the best investment I ever made.

8. Online questionnaires. Imagine being able to easily create questionnaire templates that will help you get information from your clients. I have created both pre-session and after session questionnaires, and I have both Dutch and English ones. The questionnaires can be sent to a client with just one click and when they forget to fill it out (believe me they will forget), your automatic friendly reminders will nudge them to take action.

9. Schedule appointments. You probably know how time-consuming it can be to agree on a date and time for a photo session or a product ordering session? With an online scheduler (called Invitations in Sprout Studio) the client can choose and book her time from your calendar with just one click. This feature is especially useful for booking mini-sessions, where you set it up once and let the customers pick and pay for their sessions – all in one go.

Why I chose Sprout Studio

Last I wanted to talk about why I chose Sprout Studio for my CRM and which extra advantages they have compared to other CRM systems.

Firstly, Sprout Studio is developed and run BY photographers FOR photographers. They know what photographers need and want. 

Secondly, they have all the features that other CRM providers have plus more! You get so much more for your money.

These “extras” are pretty major for photographers:
    • Online galleries, which save you the extra cost of a gallery subscription.

    • Email marketing services, which provide you with powerful tools like drip campaign set-ups, templates, and webpage pop-ups to capture emails.

    • Designer email tool (design beautiful emails for your campaigns with images and pre-made layouts)

Conclusion: You get A LOT for your money with Sprout Studio.

If you’d like to know more about why I love Sprout Studio and which features I like most, I’ve written this blog to help you out: Why Sprout Studio is the best CRM for photographers.

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Now, are you ready to take your business to the next level and stand out from the masses of photographers? I can assure you that using a CRM will elevate your business and help you scale and deliver an incredible client experience. 

Even in these tough times, where assignments are rare and money tight, this is one subscription I’m not giving up. In fact, my active Sprout Studio subscription reminds me that I’m a photographer for a reason and it’s motivating me to keep going and do whatever it takes to stay afloat. 

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