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The day I started using Sprout Studio, a CRM for photographers (CRM = Client Relationship Management), was the day my business changed. It was a game-changer and the best investment I ever made. It transformed me from a mainstream photographer to one who was organized and professional. I instantly felt more confident and in control of my business. I’ve been using Sprout Studio since 2018 and it has saved me so much time. It has also increased my trust factor with my clients, who now experience a streamlined and comprehensible process that is easy for them to follow.

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Now, why do I think that specifically, Sprout Studio is the best CRM for photographers? I have made a list of 10 reasons why I firmly believe this (scroll down to see the list), but firstly, I want to explain the process I went through before deciding on a CRM system. It was important for me to find a system that I could commit to for the long run. I didn’t want to risk, spending a lot of time learning and setting up a system, only to have to do it all again a year later.

Therefore, I sat down to look through all the options for CRM systems for photographers. I did thorough research, checking out ALL of the best-known systems. I read about systems like Iris works, Honey book, 17 hats, Studio ninja, and many more, and although these are all good and widely used systems, there was always something missing for me.

I defined the following criteria for considering a service: 

  • I needed the following features: contracts, client communication tools, booking pages, automation, pricing tools, questionnaires, client portals, invoicing, customizing and branding options, pre-written templates

  • it should be easy to set up

  • I wanted a nice and comprehensive interface – both for me and for my clients

  • reasonable pricing – I wanted value for my money

  • a system that was developed specifically for photographers would be a plus

In the end, I signed up for a trial for 3 different services that had the features I needed at a reasonable price (at the time – 2018 – these were Pixifi, Tave, and Sprout Studio). I only needed a few days to know which system I preferred: Sprout Studio, with its simplified and beautiful interface felt the easiest to implement and it was clear that they know what a photographer needs.

3 things that are unique to Sprout Studio

I think it’s important to point out that with Sprout Studio you’ll get the features that all CRM systems provide plus the following 3 features:

1) Online galleries

Their online galleries look great and even include an online shop that you can build and design as you want. This shop works both if you do self-fulfilling or if you prefer using the integrated lab (per June 2022 lab-integration is still in beta and there’s one lab integrated; WHCC, which is primarily for the US photographers) The shop includes automated wall art mockups showing different wall art types with the client images and look great.

2) Email marketing system

the email marketing integration provides you with powerful tools like drip campaign set-ups, templates, and webpage pop-ups to capture emails.

3) Designer email feature

Design beautiful email templates for your email campaigns. You can easily pick a pre-made design and customize; change colors, images, add or remove content blocks, or you can start the design from scratch. See a peek at the email designer tool in use below:

Conclusion: Sprout Studio offers more than other CRM alternatives and they know what photographers need. Sprout Studio clicked all my checkboxes + many more that I hadn’t thought of. With all the extra features, I feel that it gives me the most value for my money.


Here are 10 reasons why I believe that Sprout Studio is the best CRM for photographers: 

1. Sprout Studio is developed FOR photographers BY photographers.

This means that they know exactly what photographers need, they know how to listen to photographers and they know how to inspire photographers. You also get so much more than a CRM service. You constantly get tips and tricks on how to improve your business and you get access to a network of other photographers to exchange ideas with.

2. Gorgeous client portal

I love the client portal that Sprout Studio offers. Each client gets a personalized and private page that they can enter at any time. On this page, they will find their galleries, design proofs, contracts, orders, questionnaires, relevant links, and much more. See a sneak peek below OR get the full experience of how it looks and works by logging in to a sample client portal:

Go to this page: https://picturelyspoken.sproutstudio.com/
Username: janedoe
Password: 123456

3. Contract feature with online signing

On my plan (I have the Pro plan) I can create unlimited contract templates, which means I can have a contract ready for any situation I might need. There is also an extensive contract template library to choose from, which is a great value in itself. The contract is personalized to each client and is signed digitally. Creating, sending, and signing a contract only takes a few minutes. If a client forgets to sign the contract, you can have automatic reminders sent out, which is VERY helpful and efficient.

4. Online questionnaires

Imagine being able to easily create questionnaire templates that will help you get information from your clients. I have both pre-session and after-session questionnaires, and I have both Dutch and English ones. The questionnaire can be sent to a client with just a click and instead of manually having to remind them to fill it out, you can have automatic friendly reminders sent out.

5. Online galleries

Sprout Studio has online galleries included in their service and I believe they are the only CRM to offer this. This means that you don’t have to subscribe to an additional gallery service like Pixiset or Shootproof.

6. Email marketing tools

Yes, you read that right, email marketing is included in all Sprout Studio plans. You can design gorgeous emails with their designer email feature, and you can set up drip campaigns (they even have some pre-made campaigns for you to use freely). You also have pop-up form options for your website to help you capture email subscribers.

7. Scheduling mini-sessions

…with the Sprout Studio invitation tool. Automatically booking mini-sessions has never been so easy. You set it up once, the clients pick their preferred time spot and are guided through the booking process with easy to follow steps, including contract signing and payment process.

8. Productivity tools

Sprout Studio has amazing tools to increase productivity. Features like Sprout assistant (which sends automatic reminders), workflow building, template library for emails, contracts, galleries, questionnaires ++, payment processing tools, automatic invoicing, guided bookings and so much more. Moreover, the best part about all this is that it’s ALL customizable to YOUR needs.

9. Price- and product lists

You’ll find a great tool for organizing and pricing your products, which again is integrated with your booking pages and galleries after your own preferences. Include and exclude products as you wish. You also have the option of having public price lists to send to clients.

10. Customer service

One last thing I find important to mention regarding why I love Sprout Studio is that they’re amazing listeners, always ready to help and figure things out. They’re continually evolving and improving and new features are added regularly. The fact that they are specialized in photography business only, truly makes it a great CRM for photographers.

Are you ready to take your business to the next level and try Sprout Studio out? Click below to try them out for free (no obligations)and get 20% off your first year. Please don’t hesitate to send me a message via the chat widget on the right if you have any questions. I’m happy to help.